Yoshimoto Harrison

Full name

Yoshimoto Alan Harrison


Human, Harrison Clan









Known relatives

Akira Harrison (fullblood ancestor)

Yoshikazo Harrison (fullblood grandfather)

Chiyoko Harrison (half-blood grandmother)

Hitoshi Miki (half-blood grandfather)

Cho Miki (half-blood grandmother)

Red Harrison (fullblood father, deceased)

Chikako Harrison (half-blood mother, deceased)

Masaru Harrison (fullblood uncle)

Riko Harrison (half-blood aunt)

Katsuro Harrison (fullblood uncle)

Momoko Harrison (half-blood aunt)

Shizuka Miki (half-blood aunt)

Shawn Harrison (fullblood cousin)

Sakura Harrison (fullblood cousin)

Yoshimoto Harrison is one of the main characters in The Sentai 5 series and is the first one to be introduced. He is a famous Mercenary, known throughout the entire Gyles Galaxy for his reputation of defeating Planet Arata's most dangerous criminals, the Fearsome Shi and also able to slay Planet Arata's fiercest creatures. He is also the leader of the Harrison Clan. He is also the inventor of his own Mecha-dino series robots. He was half-named after his grandfather, Yoshikazo Harrison, by his mother. He became very famous after he defeated Norikuro.

Since his the day of his birth, people in the Shigomirichi Region knew that he would exactly follow the footsteps of his ancestors and his reputation will be as great as his father's. He is the leader of an unnamed Mercenary group, though rather reluctantly.

Appearance Edit

He physically resembles both his parents. He always wears a maroon, V-necked dress shirt with sleeves that extend down to his elbows. He wears with a white muscle shirt under it and blue pants. His shoes are brown, with white straps. Unlike his father and uncle, he hates his hair standing up and always combs it down. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are blue, blue eyes are a trademark of his clan.

Personality Edit

Yoshimoto Harrison is one dude with a whole lot of attitude. He's prone to getting frustated easy, often with him getting impatient or angryly snapping at someone. As a Harrison, he doesn't trust outsiders very easily and it's more difficult to get his trust than his fellow fullblood Harrisons. The reason why he doesn't trust other people very easily because he was betrayed by his former friend Fushira Dogan. Despite this, he would rather help than harm. He's also very competitive, but is a fair sport and will never cheat to win. He is absolutely fearless, known to face Planet Arata's most fearsome creatures. He's also a show-off but is amazingly talented.

He is also the most knowledgeable of the group, knowing many things about the world around him. His knowledge also comes in handy in times of danger, especially when facing a creature his friends isn't familar with. He doesn't like to explain what he's talking about, but he does explain if someone doesn't understand what he's talking about. He's very mature for being 16 years old. However, around girls his age, he's rather shy and very polite. Most of the girls he knows are aware of his shyness. The reason why he's so polite to girls is because he was raised by his aunt, Shizuka Miki, to be polite.

Yoshimoto is a incredibly lonely person, since he has never been raised by his mother and father. Therefore, he is always thinking about how is life would have been if he was raised by his parents. He's not a morning person, waking up rather grumpy. Despite being generally fearless of everything, the only thing he greatly fears is a kunoichi (a girl ninja). 

Relationships Edit

Being the leader of the clan, his relatives greatly respect him and will follow his orders without question. But they also give him advice when he needs it.

Yoshikazo Harrison

Yoshimoto and his grandfather are quite similar, they're prone to getting into an arguement with each other.

Masaru Harrison

Katsuro Harrison

Shizuka Miki

She is Yoshimoto Harrison's aunt and by request of his mother, she raised him in Fungi Village. Despite being his aunt, Shizuka is more like a mother to Yoshimoto.

Sentai 5

Devin Hawk

Despite coming from different clans, Yoshimoto and Devin grew up together. They consider each other brothers, despite not being related. Like other members of their clans, they have a rivalry with each other.

Garrett Chideha

Most of the the time annoyed by him, Yoshimoto Harrison was the one who trained him in swordplay; to save himself from geting in more severe trouble from his pranks. Yoshimoto was very reluctant to train him, so Kasumi convinced him. Unknown to him, his influence has turned Garrett to be more respectful.

Kasumi Mizukawa

Kasumi is like a little sister to him, so he treats her as a one. He's very polite to her, as he is to all girls. She has a tendency to make him nerveous.

Ganji Mizukawa

Yoshimoto and Ganji get along quite well. Yoshi has a habit to pick on him because of his slight cowardance, but just to have fun.

Friends Edit

Melody Chideha

Yoshimoto and Melody didn't get along well at first, but they've started to get along. She often asks him to help her with her biology homework when she has some.

Minako Misaki

Minako is his best and closest friend since their kindergarden days.

Kiaya Kiyoko

Yoshimoto saw Kiaya as an older sister. She, in return, treated him as a younger brother.

Raven Zuki

Mizuki Zuki

Yoshimoto and Mizuki are best friends. They also have a lot of similarities.

Ichigo Hawk

Yoshimoto generally fears her but highly respects her.

Enemies Edit

Yoshimoto Harrison, like his ancestors, declares anyone foolish enough to harm his friends his enemy.

Fushira Dogan

Fushira was once his friend, but Fushira revealed to be a criminal and he murdered Kiaya and Nikki with him witnessing it.


Hotaka is Yoshimoto's directly sworn nemesis. Hotaka indirectly caused the death of his mother. Yoshimoto bears a grudge for him killing his mother, while Hotaka bears a grudge for Yoshimoto defeating him and him no longer being a king; they have a friendly rivalry. Despite their disliking of one another, they will work together.   


Shigehisa is Yoshimoto's other sworn nemesis.

Sesshouan Empire

Yoshimoto was very suspicious when the Sesshoan Emperor said he wanted peace between his empire and Planet Arata.

Abilities Edit

As a Harrison, Yoshimoto Harrison possesses abilities that are beyond that of normal people. He has amazing strenght, able to lift an object weighing equally or less than 4 tons. Since his ancestors adapted this to protect themselves from dinosaurs, he can fight dinosaurs. Since Krockous are similar to dinosaurs, he can fight Krockous rather easily. His bones are much stronger than that of normal people, therefore he can survive a rock falling on him but still cause him pain. He can also fight other strong beings such as Malevolents and Sesshouans.

Hand to hand Edit

He's very skilled in hand to hand combat.


Clan Ability Edit

Yoshimoto uses his Clan Ability in close combat, but it also excels at long-range combat. It can be used for defensive reasons as well.

Swordplay Edit

Since his ancestors were masters in swordplay, he is one also. The sword on his back was from his father and he's very protective about it.

Strategy Edit

He does not rely just on his brawn and skills with his sword to win a battle. He is a keen strategist and comes up with his strategies in the middle of a battle. His strategy varies from the battle.

His reputation Edit

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