Shigomirichi Region

Shigomirichi Region

The Shigomirichi Region is the homeland of the Harrison, Hawk, Chideha and Mizukawa clans. That is how it got it's nickname as the "Land of Heroes". It is one of the world's most powerful countries, along with its brother nation, Shogomorocho, the Chosho Islands, Soratopia and the Isle of Lizardia. The region is divided into 5 Provinces, 4 are named after the clans who live somewhere in that province.

Shigomirichi is also widely feared around the world and also the entire Gyles System. It's neightboring regions are Shogomorocho to the west, Chosho Islands to the south, Isle of Lizardia to the southwest, Soratopia and the Forbidden Island to the southeast and the Triassic Archipelago to the east. Despite being feared, Shigomirichi would rather live in peace with other nations than causing wars and also help other nations in need. Despite being peaceful, Shigomirichi's residents take invasions seriously.

Shigomirichi is a land of beauty, since it has so many types of terrain. The majority of the region is forest and grassland. However, Shigomirichi is also home to dinosaurs, but only in the Harrison Province. The climate of the region differs from province to province. Spring and Summer are average, autumn is cool and comfortable and the winter is cold but rarely harsh. The year that Yoshi Harrison, Devin Hawk and Melody Chideha were born; the winter was bad that year and many people got sick from the Shigomirichi Flu and sadly died, including an important someone to Yoshi Harrison.

Important Info of the Region Edit

Region Nickname: "Land of Heroes"

Capital City: Shigomirichi City

Famous Event: Shigomirichi-Shogomorocho War




Chideha Province

Chideha Province

Hawk Province

Harrison Province

Shin-izzy Province

Resident Clans Edit

Harrison Clan

Hawk Clan

Chideha Clan

Mizukawa Clan

Relations with other regions  Edit

Shogomorocho Edit

Despite the two being involved in a war a 1,000 years ago, they relations have changed since then. The two nations will support each other in times of need.

Chosho Islands Edit

Before Norikuro's conqueration of the region, the two regions got along well. After Norikuro was finally defeated, Shigomirichi sent the Military to help rebuild the region and the government.

Isle of Lizardia Edit

While Norikuro was King, Shigomirichi felt fear as well did most of the world. But Shigomirichi also felt safe, since they have their resident clans. After Norikuro's downfall from power, the two regions signed a peace treaty with each other.

Soratopia Edit

Shigomirichi and Soratopia have been long-time allies. Soratopia also helped Shigomirichi during the Shigomirichi-Shogomorocho War.

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