The Sentai 5 Wiki is a collaborative website about the manga series I'm working on and hope to publish it someday. If you want to learn more about my series, you came to the right place. I have info on nearly everything in my series, so check things oot.

My Progess on The Sentai 5 Wiki Edit

My name for my series has finally come. My series is now called The Sentai 5.

Pictures of Characters, Creatures will come soon.

Notice: this site will have MAJOR spoilers!

Navigation Edit

Characters Edit

This is about the characters I've created in my series so far. Includes the antagonists as well.

Planet Arata Edit

This section is about the main planet in my series. It also has info about the regions as well.

Creatures Edit

This is about the animals native to Planet Arata and the other planets, including the ones I created.

Sentient speciesEdit

This is about the beings that inhabit Planet Arata as well as the other planets in the galaxy.

Gyles SystemEdit

This is about the main star system where the series happens.

Clans Edit

This is about the clans I've created so far in my series.


As said, the terms people use in the series.


Events that happened in the series.

Story arcs Edit

This is about the story arcs in my series.

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