Norikuro is one of the villains in The Sentai 5 series and is possibly one of the cruelest. He is one of the Fearsome Shi and is the second most wanted criminal in the world after Shigehisa.

Info Edit

Full Name: Norikuro

Species: Krockous

Age: 38 Height: 6' 9"

Weight: 367 lbs

Mezuma Bounty: 250,000 Mezuma (2nd highest of the Fearsome Shi.)

Relatives: Noriyuki (older sister, deceased)

Appearance Edit

Norikuro looks exactly like other Krockous, except he's black in color and his eyes are red. His coloration is opposite of his sister who was white and her eyes were very light blue.

Personality Edit

Before Noriyuki took over, Norikuro was like any other younger brother.

History Edit

22 years prior to the begining of the series

After his defeat Edit

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