Krockous Symbol

Symbol of the Krockous

Krockous are crocodilian-like beings that inhabit some prehistoric regions of Planet Arata. Their most famous homeland is the Isle of Lizardia, home to many reptilian creatures such as dinosaurs. They are Planet Arata's oldest race, appearing in the Middle Aratian Jurrasic Period and been living on the planet since. Despite their fearsome appearance, Krockous are actually very friendly and non-hostile. Since they're crocodilians themselves, their related to other archosaurs as well.

Biology & Appearance Edit

Krockous look similar to their four-legged cousins except they're bipeds. They have short snouts and are filled with sharp teeth and they're not humanoid, so they have bodies similar to dinosaurs. Their arms are normal length, the hands end in three fingers with long claws. The claws help them hold objects in their hands, such as their swords.

A Krockous can live up to 200 years and they can be up to seven feet in height. They weigh up to 300 to 400 pounds. They have half-cicirle scales above their eyes. They're very strong and can lift things with ease. Females differ from the males only in appearance, they're slimmer. Also, Krockous have hard scales on their body, acting like a suit of armor. The scales have one weakness, however: if hit with enough force, the scales will break. Yoshimoto Harrison used this fact to his advantage in his battle against Norikuro, who misjudged him as a weakling.

Diet Edit

Despite the looks of their teeth, they omnivores.

Most Well Known Krockous Edit



Saborou Crocomoza

Sachiko Crocomoza

Saki Crocomoza

Creighton Crocomoza

Muramatsu Crocomoza

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