Kasumi Mizukawa

The lovely Kasumi Mizukawa

Kasumi Mizukawa is one of the main characters in the Sentai 5 series. Kasumi is also a member of a famous Mercenary in the group that consists of Yoshi Harrison, Devin Hawk, Garrett Chideha, her older brother, Ganji Mizukawa, and herself. She and Ganji are the medics of the group, as every group of fighters needs one. She is regarded as one of the best medics in Shigomirichi. Kasumi is an attractive girl, so she makes boys awe in her sight or very nerveous, even the tough-as-nails Yoshimoto Harrison.

Info Edit

 Full Name: Kasumi Mizukawa

Species: Human, Mizukawa Clan

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5' 5"



Relatives Edit


Goro (half-blood father)

Kimiko Mizukawa (fullblood mother)


Ganji Mizukawa (fullblood brother)

Unlces and Aunts

Kichiro Mizukawa (fullblood uncle)

Kohaku Mizukawa (half-blood aunt)


Kazumi Mizukawa (fullblood cousin)

Appearance Edit

Kasumi has long dark blue hair and light blue eyes, traits of the Mizukawa Clan. Kasumi is a very attractive girl and she is well aware of the fact that she is. She normally wears a pink or red kimono with a ribbon tied around her waist of the opposite color of the kimono she's wearing. She also wears a pink shirt and a red skirt under her kimino. Regardless of what she wears, it never abandons her favorite color scheme.

Personality Edit

Kasumi is a girl who is always happy and cheerful. She's always in this mood, 24/7. She never panics when someone is hurt, thanks to her medical skills. When her one of her friends is sad, she tries her best to cheer them up. She has deep corcern for her friends, most noticable when one of her friends is sad or troubled. She loves being complimented on her looks, but hates being insulted about her looks. She grows furious when insulted about her looks

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Since she was the second born child of the Mizukawa Clan, Kasumi is second-in command of her clan.

Ganji Mizukawa

He's Kasumi's older brother.

Friends Edit


Abilities Edit

Kasumi is a well trained medic, able to handle her comrades' wounds rather easily.

Name Origin Edit

Her first name means "mist" in Japanese, since she was born on a misty day. Her surname means "water" and "river or stream" in Japanese, referring to fact that the Mizukawa Clan can control water.

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