Harrison Province

Harrison Province

The Harrison Province is the homeland of the Harrison Clan, one the Gyles Galaxy's most powerful clans. It is also one of Planet Arata's most forbidden areas. The place is often called "Shigomirichi's Lost World" due to its prehistoric inhabitants: dinosaurs. The Harrisons asked the law to forbid anyone whose not a member of Shigomichi's 4 Clans, since the place is so dangerous. Many people fear the region and never attemp to enter the place, because they know that the Harrisons are territorial. It was renamed because of it's most famous inhabitants.

Climate Edit

The region's climate is divided by two by north and south. The northern part is mild and much like a normal forest. The southern part is more swamp-like, the trees and plants look older. Somewhere in the southren region is Harrison Village, the hometown of the Harrisons.

Areas Edit

The Harrisons divided the forest into different sections on thier maps.

Shigomirichi Valley Edit

This valley separates the Harrison Province from the rest of Shigomirichi. That's a good thing, since dinosaurs live in the province. The valley is rocky, but passable. This is the path that the Harrisons take to leave and come back home.

Game Zone Edit

The game zone is where most of the local predators do their hunting. The place is a grass land, surrounded by the north and south forest. The predators hunt from their respective area and often clash with each other. This area also acts as the divider between the Nothern and Southern Forests.

Northern Forest Edit

Hence the name, the forest is to the north.

Southern Forest Edit

This one's to the south, it is different from it's northern brother. The part of the region is swamp-like and the Harrisons live in this part of the province.

Harrison Village and Lake Edit

This small village is the home of the mighty Harrison clan. As said, its the place that all Harrisons, fullblood or half-blood, call home. The village is on top of a tall hill in the middle of the Harrison Lake. This geographic feature protects the Harrisons from the dinosaurs, as it's impossible to climb even for a Spinosaurus.

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