The Harrison Clan is one of Shigomirichi's four resident clans. They are the strongest of the four, strenght wise, and the fullblood members are Planet Arata's strongest humans, being able to battle and defeat Krockous, Malevolents ans Sesshouans. The Harrisons are well-known around Planet Arata and nearly every criminal fears them. Despite being a feared clan, the Harrisons are quite docile and prefer not to fight unless necessary. They believe that their enemy's defeat is enough punishment. Harrisons also have short, dangerous tempers. But the only time when they go off is when someone they deeply care about is harmed in anyway. Their temper is the main reason why Harrisons are feared about the Gyles Galaxy. One of their ancestors was married to a member of the Kaminari Clan and therefore the electrical ability was also given to the Harrisons.

Clan Symbol and it's meaning Edit

The symbol of the Harrison Clan is an hourglass with an red X over it. It means that criminals' time causing innocent people pain and suffering is over. It also appears on Harrisons' spacecraft, on the back of their Clan Jacket and on Yoshi Harrison's Mecha-dino series robots. The symbol is muchly fear as the Harrisons themselves.

Their homeland Edit

Shigomirichi Region, Harrison Province

Clan Traits Edit

Strength Edit

Fullblood members of the clan are incredibly strong and have impressive lifting strength. They're able to lift a 4 ton object, equally 4 tons or less than, and pick it up without much trouble. All fullblood members of the clan are born with their strenght. This strenght, however, doesn't not affect their punches and makes them quite handy around the house. Their strenght is an adaptation of keeping predators from attacking them.

Clan Ability Edit

Fullblood members have strong electrical fields and can electrocute their enemies in a cartoonish fashion. It can be used offensively and defensively. They can control their own electric fields as well as other lifeforms, but they rarely do so unless a friend is in trouble. They also does this to reach an object out of their reach. This came from the Kaminari Clan.

Appearance Edit

Fullblood members look nearly the same as the other. They all have blue eyes, which is a trademark among the fullblood Harrisons.

Leadership and adulthood Edit

The Harrisons decide their leader by the first born on the new generation. Young fullblood Harrisons are considered adult Harrisons on their 15th birthday.

Differences between fullblood members Edit

Appearance Edit

Fullblood Harrisons differ from each in appearance.

Personality Edit

They also differ in personality.

Known Members Edit

Fullblood Members Edit

Akira Harrison (founder, ancestor and veteran of the Shigomirichi-Shogomorocho War.)

Yoshikazo Harrison

Red Harrison

Masaru Harrison

Katsuro Harrison

Yoshimoto Harrison

Sakura Harrison

Shawn Harrison

Half-blood Members Edit

Chikako Harrison

Riko Harrison

Shizuka Miki

Momoko Harrison

Rivalry with the Hawk Clan Edit

The Harrison Clan have a strong, friendly rivalry with the Hawk Clan. Since the Hawks can control and have sand on their skin, this makes them immune to the Harrisons' electrical attacks. The rivalry seems to be genetic, since present day members of each respective clan has a rivalry with a member of the clans. An easy example is Yoshi Harrison and Devin Hawk's rivalry.

Similarities between the two Edit

The Harrisons and the Hawks are one thing in common: both are masters of survival, but the subject varies. The Harrisons are masters of surviving in locations where fiecre creatures live and the Hawks are masters of surviving in harsh enviroments.

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